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Think of the brain as a computer; it takes in information, calculates it, and then performs some sort of action or output.
When our brain is dysregulated or in a “limbic state”, information is processed from a place of survival. The video explains.

Like counting backward from 100, self-soothing practices calm and regulate our physiology.

The following diagram, or flow chart is another way to understand your mind and body’s stress response. As you see, hyper or hypo arousal indicates a fight, flight, or freeze response is occurring.

As we return to and stay in the regulated “comfort zone” state logic and reasoning states re-engage and our ability to think logically and rationally return.

"Window Of Tolerance"

Self-soothing can be a number of distracting and grounding techniques. Examples include massaging a pressure point, humming, rhythmic breathing, rocking, fidget spinning.

Healing trauma is a journey of getting to know yourself. This involves paying attention to your experience, and intentionally choosing actions that benefit your well-being, and committing to these habits as a lifestyle.