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"You're not healing just to endure trauma, pain, anxiety, or depression — you've become accustomed to those. You're healing to embrace joy and welcome happiness back into your life."

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The Mask You Live In

This 2-hour documentary explores how our culture's narrow definition of masculinity is harming our boys, men and society at large and unveils what we can do about it.

hi, I'm jaclynn

Welcome to More Glee Counselling, where I blend my passion for mental health counseling with everyday musings. At 42, I’m not just a counselor; I’m a gardener, duck owner, mom, and music enthusiast. Join me on this journey of laughter, learning, and occasional check-ins.

Counseling & Theraputic approach

Growth is achieved through a consistent, compassionate, and non-judgmental presence. Grounded in secure attachment, I understand the significant role of counseling in one’s healing journey.

I employ a trauma-informed approach, focusing on improving regulation, tolerance of our memories, and growing in self-compassion. 

I love being a counselor and believe this passion makes our work enjoyable. You’ll be in good hands; I feel confident in navigating the trickier areas of life due to my extensive training, experience, and processing of these areas myself.

reflection, growth & everyday joy

Explore insights, humor, and learning on my personal blog. Expect a blend of nostalgia, curiosity, and the joys of being a mental health counselor.


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In the quiet of early morning, thoughts play like TNT reruns movies in the background as I debate whether to fall back asleep or wake up. One memory has played out in this specific way for the past twenty years, shaping who I believe I am…

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