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Tara Brach

Clinical Psychologist and Medidation Teacher

Explore the teachings of Tara Brach, a renowned clinical psychologist and meditation teacher. Her lectures and guided meditations offer valuable insights into healing from grief, embracing mindfulness, and finding solace in the present moment.


We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it

Nora McInerny, TED TALKS

In this powerful TED TALK, writer and podcaster Nora McInerny shares her hard-earned wisdom about life and death. Her candid approach to grief is both heartbreaking and hilarious, offering a liberating perspective on an inevitable aspect of the human experience. Nora encourages us to shift how we approach grief, emphasizing that moving forward doesn’t mean moving on. A must-watch for those seeking insights into navigating the complex journey of grief.


Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief

Author : Francis Weller

This profound book by Francis Weller explores the sacred nature of grief and provides rituals for renewal. It offers insights into the transformative power of embracing sorrow and navigating the depths of loss.

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of Life for All Ages

Author: Leo Buscaglia, Ph.D.

This beloved classic from New York Times bestselling author Leo Buscaglia has helped children and adults come to grips with life and death- a warm, wonderfully wise, and strikingly simple story about a leaf named Frededie.