Establishing and maintaining purposeful habits is paramount for a mentally healthy life.
Performing targeted habits daily helps create discipline, purpose, and stability.
The habit must be: SMALL, EASY, something you WANT to do anyway.

Getting Started: Look over the list below. Find something you don’t do, but want to start. Then commit to doing it!

1. Physical: Hygiene, Eating, Activity

Hygiene: Brush teeth. Wash face. Take a shower. Clip finger/toenails. Shave.

Eating: Cook a new meal. Try a new vegetable. Meal prep. Drink a glass of water.

Activity: Walk up and down the stairs. Do 10 knee pushups. Do ten sit-ups. Stretch. Walking meditation.

3. Creativity

Art or hobby: Take pictures with phone/camera. Sketch. Mold clay. Whittle wood. Paint. Write in a journal. Design something.

4. Organization/Clean

Clean: Refrigerator. Junk drawer. Toilet. Shower. Bathtub. Load of laundry. Car.

Organization: Order junk drawer. Order refrigerator. Order car. Fold Laundry.

2. Social: Friends, Family, Expanding network

Family: Text a greeting. Call to check-in. Learn someone’s birthday (put it in the calendar as recurring reminder every year).

Friend (similar to above): Text “Just thinking about you”. Call to check-in. Learn someone’s birthday (put in calendar). Set date to get together. Do a video chat.

Networking: Join Facebook group (or other social media) of career/business interest.

Join social media group of hobby of interest.

Write a letter to someone you admire (an author, a politician), and send the letter.

5. Optional Bonus Habit – Altruism

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